Take Advantage of Facial Hair Removal by Electrolysis

While different people have different perceptions about beauty standards, some women face the problem of unwanted facial hair that tends to affect their self-esteem. Therefore, a hassle-free and safe facial hair removal is highly recommended. When looking for an effective facial hair removal solution, electrolysis can be a perfect option to go with.

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Electrolysis is a highly-effective hair removal procedure approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In short and simple words, electrolysis is a process of removing facial hair effortlessly, using electricity.

The significance of electrolysis facial hair removal

There are some electrolysis facial hair removal benefits that render the treatment superior to other hair removal treatments.

  • Electrolysis is a safe hair removal treatment approved by the FDA that is certainly reassuring for your unwanted removal.
  • Electrolysis is a versatile option and works for every skin and hair type.
  • One of the main benefits of this treatment is that electrolysis in particular works very well for the finest facial hair, including those on delicate areas like upper lip, chin, and even eyebrows.
  • No maintenance is needed after the facial removal treatment is done.

The electrolysis facial hair removal procedure

Electrolysis is performed with a small needle the width of a single human hair and is done on hair at a time using electricity, heat or a combination of both. The heat and electricity target the hair follicle certainly and effortlessly. Once that single hair has been removed, it mayn’t require being re-treated and may not grow back.

The electrolysis hair removal procedure

On the other hand, electrolysis is hair removal procedure. When the electricity reaches the follicle, the hair is truly dead and won’t grow back. Since electrolysis treats every hair individually, it can offer optimal results.

Take advantage of electrolysis procedure

Safe – Electrolysis is the only FDA-approved procedure for safe hair removal.

Versatile – According to the American Electrology Association, electrolysis is effective for people with any skin type, color, hair type, and color. Electrolysis is appropriate for any area of the body including the eyebrows.

No recovery time – People can start their daily activities right away after the electrolysis process.

Maintenance-free – There is no requirement to schedule an annual electrolysis session – once the hair has been removed no more treatments are required.

No harsh chemicals – Unlike hair bleaching or laser hair removal, electrolysis doesn’t need the use of chemicals on the skin.

Scheduling an appointment with facial removal specialist –

Stop spending hours in waxing and tweezing unwanted hairs. Why do you tolerate the pain of removing unwanted hair every week? You can count on Electrolysis By Debra for facial hair removal.

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You deserve gentle hair removal performed by professional hair specialist. We specialize in providing safe and effective electrolysis hair removal solutions. Please contact Electrolysis By Debra to schedule an appointment today!

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