Highly Efficient and Permanent Solutions For Facial Hair Removal

Electrolysis has been around for many years and has proven to be a successful way of permanent hair removal on any part of the body. The Electrolysis process is approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal. This process can be done on any skin tone and work very well on all hair colors, including on the fine vellus hair. Under normal conditions, with the help of an experienced technician you’ll get permanent results.

What is Electrolysis

Electrolysis is a process of permanent hair removal, which is safe and efficient enough to remove unwanted facial and body hair. With its increasing popularity, electrolysis has offered long lasting outcomes to both men and women.

Top Reasons To Choose Electrolysis Hair Removal Method

Proven Method Of Permanent Hair Removal

One of the greatest benefits of electrolysis is that it can remove unwanted hair permanently. It’s the only method, which has been used to remove body hair permanently. So after getting electrolysis, there will be no hair to remove from that particular part of the body, ever again. You just have your lovely, hairless body and a wonderful feeling of being flawlessly beautiful. This makes electrolysis one of the greatest gifts of science to look beautiful always.



Extremely Efficient

Electrolysis can completely remove hair in around 90 to 93% of people, who undergo electrolytic hair removal. As the process starts by passing of small amount of current to destroy the hair follicle completely, hence the destruction of hair follicles leaves no source for the regrowth of new hair.


Electrolysis is approved medically to be a safe way to remove hair follicles. However, this method was approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and other health organizations. The only thing you need to take care of is to get done this process by a skilled, experienced and a licensed electrologist. However, there might be side effects like skin redness and swelling; but within a few hours or a couple of days all these effects will be gone. Permanent skin scar due to electrolysis is very rare.



Cost Effective

Though the individual electrolysis sessions seem costly, but as compared to the investment made by the people on hair removal creams, waxing, epilators etc. over a lifetime, this procedure happens to be cost effective. Hence, you won’t regret the money spent on electrolysis when you get the best results.

Whole Body Hair Removal Procedure

Electrolysis process can be the best alternative for hair removal from any part of the body like forearms, underarms, legs, eyebrows, and even the sensitive areas like the stomach and the breast. However, it’s the best and most commonly used process for removal of hair from the face and other smaller areas of the body as well.




Following all these benefits make electrolysis the most efficient method of permanent hair removal, including facial hair removal for those people who can’t just bear the sight of their body hair anymore. Once you get rid of body hair by electrolysis, you can forget whether you had any body hair at all! Seems unbelievable! But it can be only possible through Electrolysis By Debra. Debra, a reputable electrologist has the qualified team of experts to deliver well-proven, safe outcomes to last lifelong. Hence, it’s highly recommended to contact Electrolysis By Debra for permanent hair removal and schedule an appointment today!

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